The Yarrabilba Cricket Association Incorporated remain committed to the development of female cricketing pathways in and around Yarrabilba region – and playing our part in in showing that the game of cricket is a game filled with diversity, is a sport for all and for participants of all abilities.

It has always been one of the main visions and objectives of the Yarrabilba Cricket Association Incorporated to pave the way for the development of women’s cricket, and pushing for – even if it means getting ‘off side’ with some – for more to be done in and around our local cricketing community for the foundations and pathways to be put in place to play our part in the continued development of the game for female participants.

Junior Development
In relation to our efforts to date we admit that due to the global pandemic, and the uncertainty surrounding restrictions, that we are behind in our own plans of where we had hoped to be come this time of the year. However, we do accept – and hope that parents and interested parties are as accepting – that these were definitely unprecedented times we were, and currently still live in.

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The Yarrabilba Cricket Association Incorporated are working on establish a ‘Girls Only’ cricket development program, effectively similar to the Junior and Master Blaster programs that we offer, restricted to younger female participants who may be interested in the game of cricket, but who we understand may be uncomfortable around boys in their early development of the game.

This program will be operated on the premise of learning the fundamentals of the game of cricket, through fun, exciting and active games designed to slowly interject various aspects of cricket in a fun environment.

Specialised Training
For the older players who’d like to get involved in the game (aged 10+) where the above planned program would provide no benefits to their development or understanding for the game of cricket a more specialised training program is planned from a club perspective.

While a temporary agreement has been reached with Greenbank Cricket Club that has seen our senior teams step into the cricket nets at the Home Ground of the former Bethania Cricket Club on the week they take to the field for the first time work behind the scenes continues to find a permanent training facility until such time these facilities are available closer to home.

Once a more permanent training facility is available, a tender for the Malling Street facilities is currently being undertaken by the Logan City Council and we eagerly await the possibility of holding discussions with whoever is awarded the tender to continue training at the grounds, the Yarrabilba Cricket Association Incorporated are dedicated to the establishment of Female Cricket Training program.

This training would be more than a ‘nets session’. And would include

  • Batting Technique and Development;
  • Bowling Technique, and Skill Development;
  • General Fielding;
  • Catching;
  • Targeting Skills;
  • Team Work;
  • Game Awareness Development.

LDCA Junior Cricket
The rules of the Logan District Cricket Association Junior Cricket competition state that female participants have been granted special dispensation to participate in an age group two years in excess of its maximum. Meaning a female participant of 12 years of age is eligible to play in the Under 11’s non-competitive cricket age group which is usually restricted to those aged 7-10 years old.

With this in mind, our Junior Development and Specialised Training programs are primarily aimed to see an increase in female participation numbers within our Yarrabilba Cane Toads teams that are entered in the local Logan District Cricket Association junior competition.

The ultimate aim would be the ability to enter an All Girls side into one of the aged groups in a future LDCA Junior competition.