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Cane Toads LMS Shirt


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The Cane Toads LMS entered their first competition in 2020 taking part in the LMS Beaudesert Division Two – due to the Last Man Shirts coming from an overseas supplier and the threat of delivery delays due to the global pandemic the Cane Toads ordered the first looking shirt that somewhat resembled our Cane Toad Maroon.

Which is why it was an important step for the association, as the end of the first season draws near and a Winter Comp no doubt shortly to follow, to bring the Cane Toads LMS in line with the rest of the associations gear.

As such we have had our shirt ‘custom’ designed from the team at LMS Global. The shirt reflects heavily on our training shirt but carries the usual Last Man Stands positioning and off course the logo of our sponsor Alan Kuss.

If you register for the Cane Toads Winter LMS team – this shirt comes included in your registration. You can register now for that team to ensure your position.

This is a fantastic way to have a back up, or for partners and children to wear the same type of shirt as you.