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Become a Sponsor

With so many community and sporting groups in the area asking for support we know it is impossible for businesses to support everyone who asks. Here we try to outline what the benefits of supporting such an organisation like the Yarrabilba Cane Toads are?

  • Sponsoring sports clubs can provide unique opportunities for businesses and help them develop in ways that general advertising doesn’t (MediaCom, 2014). For example, it may allow the sponsor to show off their capabilities in a way audiences may otherwise not get to see.
  • Consumers are generally aware that official sponsors contribute to the events or sports they love, and further research shows that sports fans have a more positive perception of event sponsors (MediaCom, 2014).
  • Sponsoring sporting clubs can help create loyalty towards the brand.
  • Sponsoring sport clubs can increase brand awareness.
  • Sponsoring a sports club can help to grow community support and a positive perception for the sponsoring business.

But most importantly to the Yarrabilba Cricket Association you are becoming a member of our family.

We are carefully laying the foundations for the future of Australia’s Favourite Sporting code, and you’re joining us in the early stages of this build. As with the community we proudly represent we will continue to build and grow.

Proud Community Representation

The Yarrabilba Cane Toads proudly represent the Yarrabilba community, its continued growth and development.

Supporting Local Business

Proudly supporting businesses of all sizes by offering sponsorships for even the smallest of budgets.

Community Driven

The Yarrabilba Cane Toads are proudly a family friendly, community orientated and driven club.

Investment: $250

We Got Your Back Sponsorship

It was one of our most popular packages for our inaugural 2020 season, there was never any doubt of it returning for 2021. This is our ‘We Got Your Back Sponsorship’ and is designed in particular with small businesses in mind.

You have our back and we have yours! 

By becoming a ‘We Got Your Back’ Sponsor you will receive the following perks;

  • Your business logo (and a link) will appear on our website, and social media accounts clearly identifying your business as a Sponsor of the Yarrabilba Cane Toads;
  • Your logo will appear on the back of all Yarrabilba Cricket Association training shirts/singlets;
  • Targeted Online promotion;
  • Special Invites to Sponsor Days and Exclusive events from the Yarrabilba Cricket Association;


Investment: $500

Stump Sponsor

If you like us want to stand out you may want to consider becoming the Stump Sponsor of the Yarrabilba Cane Toads.

A specially printed set of stickers will be printed to go on the stumps (wickets) used at our designated home games. This also includes our Zing! Stumps that are a highlight to our club and used for special occasions – your branded stump sticker will appear on middle stump.

Broadcast Partner

Become a Broadcast Partner of the Yarrabilba Cane Toads. This brand new sponsorship package that we are working on will see your business join the Yarrabilba Cricket Association in bringing local cricket into the new technological age and help further connect the local community to their local cricket team.

Not only will your business logo stand out predominantly throughout the LIVE STREAM of all of our home games  but you will also be heavily promoted as a Broadcast Sponsor throughout other online media including Highlight packages, and other special events and videos produced by the Yarrabilba Cricket Association.

You will be giving us the opportunities to create long lasting memories, catch the big moments as our club grows, as well as offering family and friends from around the world to watch our players in action – all while your business is front and center.


Investment $1000
Exclusively Limited to Three