Cane Toads LMS to debut new shirts

Less than a month after taking out the Division 3 Plate in the Last Man Stands Beaudesert Summer/Spring season of 2020/2021 – a unique season to say the least – the Yarrabilba Cane Toads LMS side will be back in action this Sunday as the Jimboomba Times Div 2 Winter LMS season kicks off.

The Yarrabilba Cane Toads LMS side were the first side organised by the Yarrabilba Cricket Association during our inaugural season. However, the impact of the global pandemic saw all plans on hold. In the time between the beginning of lockdown to the time we took the field as a team the association had also organised a Division One Saturday cricket team also.

Prior to the Cane Toads LMS side taking to the field the association had ordered team shirts from the LMS Store – however it was decided mid-season by the Executive Committee that once the Cane Toads moniker had been adopted and become a regular fixture on both the LMS and Logan District Cricket Association that it was time for the Cane Toads to have a kit that matched the rest of the association.

Instead of a premade design the Yarrabilba Cricket Association had the team at LMS HQ work on a design that matched the Yarrabilba Cane Toads brand and the other on and off field equipment worn at the club. These shirts arrived just prior to the LMS Presentation night – where Danny Muller was named Cane Toads LMS Player of the Year – and were presented to the players who will return to action this Sunday for the Winter season of LMS Beaudesert.

The exciting news of the new shirt debut comes as registrations open for players interested in playing for the Yarrabilba Cane Toads in regular Saturday cricket this winter. New Players are invited to register for $150 and receive playing top, pants, training shorts and training shirt – returning players registration is set at $100 and includes an updated playing shirt.

Players will be required to pay $20 a week in game fees to their captain on the day.

To help top off the Yarrabilba Cane Toads look on the field Players are able to purchase a club cap ($30) or a club floppy hat ($30) – those who represent the Cane Toads in Division One competitions will receive a free Cane Toads Baggy Cap if they purchase both the floppy and club cap – or they can be purchased separately for $20 if only one of the club hats are purchased.

There is limited stock of the hats, however, a new order will be made in the near future.