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Sights set on portable pitch

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association Incorporated have announced, and set their sights, on the clubs first major investment goal into junior cricket for the ever growing Yarrabilba region, with a FlicX Portable Cricket Pitch – initial quotes around $9 000 – the top fundraising goal across the season for the growing association.

‘Alot of people ask about the lack of grounds for cricket here in Yarrabilba’ Association President Brendon McCoy said when commenting on the fundraising goal.

‘Just like everything else in Yarrabilba we are a city that is growing, facilities are built to the Lend Lease Master Plan and is all based on the number of residents that move to the area – once we hit the specified goal then builders will commence work on the McKinnon Sports Park North complex which is earmarked to be Cricket and AFL fields… until then it is just a waiting game.’

The advantage of the association focusing efforts towards a FlicX Pitch is that even after facilities are built the pitch can easily be transported, stored, or in continued use for junior and some limited community cricket.

With green space at a premium especially in a growing area such as Yarrabilba the 2G Flicx Pitch has been allowing clubs, councils, and associations to expand pitch capacity and prioritise junior cricket by maximising existing spaces. Parks, soccer and other rectangle-based sporting fields can be quickly converted for cricket matches (or training) – with absolutely no damage caused to the surface underneath – whilst outfields can be split to host simultaneous junior matches.

The 2G Flicx Pitch the Yarrabilba Cricket Association are targeting is an easy to us, roll out pitch and on any firm, flat surface produces good pace and bounce creating a player experience realistic to that of a natural turf wicket but without the time and expenses of the preparation and ongoing maintenance headaches for ground staff.

The concept of the 2G FlicX Pitch is not new however, it was first trialled with Cricket Victoria in 2018, around 100 pitches have been sold to schools and clubs all around the country with fantastic feedback and responses.

An added benefit relating to the pitch is that is supplied as two half pitch batting ends so that we have the ability to use them as separate outdoor training facilities.

The view would be for the Yarrabilba Cricket Association to use all resources available to them this upcoming summer in order to raise $9000 in funds that will allow the club to purchase the roll out pitch with freight delivery and be able to provide local venues, upon agreement with management, to introduce junior cricket training and some localised junior cricket as we build towards growing our junior base.

The first fundraiser that has been announced by the Yarrabilba Cricket Association Incorporated is operated through SimplyFundraising – who are a group that tries to take a lot of hassle out of fundraising for not-for-profit organisations and shcools – and is a Mr Popcorn Man fundraiser.

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association makes a small profit of all orders made on this page with orders being taken until August 6th – all popcorn ordered by supporters and those hoping to help our association of helping us provide better junior cricket opportunities will then be delivered two weeks later.

Yarrabilba Cricket are also searching for businesses to support our effort and potentially donate prizes for a Mega Fundraising Raffle to help in our efforts.

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