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Club Cricket

The Yarrabilbys are the Yarrabilba Cricket Associations entrants into the local Logan District Junior Cricket Associations’ aged based club cricket.

Level 1 Cricket
Non-Competitive Cricket for those aged 8, 9 and 10 years.

  • 7 players per team (max 9)
  • Boundaries (up to) 40m
  • Batters retire at 17-balls
  • Min. 2 bowling overs per player (max 4)
  • 6-balls per over regardless of wides/no balls.

Level 2 Cricket
Competitive Cricket for those aged 10, 11 and 12 years.

  • 9 players per team (max 11)
    All out declared after 8 wickets.
  • Boundaries (up to) 45m
  • Batters retire at 18-balls
  • All bowlers bowl 2 overs before any bowler can bowl a 3rd/4th over.
  • Max. 8 balls per over.

Level 3 Cricket
Competitive Cricket for those aged 13 and 14. years.

  • 11 players per team (max 13)
  • Boundaries (max) 50m
  • Batters retire after max 50-balls
  • Recommended each player bowls 2 overs per match

Please Note:
Travelling across Logan required.
Female participants are able to play in a level up to two (2) years in excess of the maximum age for the specified age group.