The most important aspect of the establishment of the Yarrabilba Cricket Association was to bring Australia’s favourite summer sporting code – cricket, to one of Queensland’s fastest growing regions – Yarrabilba. To bring a sport we all, as Australians, share a soft spot for every time summer starts rolling around where we collectively lick our lips at the prospect of Steve Smith, David Warner, Nathan Lyon and co taking the field against whoever their opposition is that summer.

We cheer each ‘gutsy’ half-century, rise as one for the ‘hard fought knock’ by a batter as they bring up a century, we watch eagerly, and chew our nails when games get too close for comfort as we hope the Day 5 pitch will produce the spin and unpredictable bounce needed by Nathan Lyon, counting down each wicket until Australia secures the victory.

By summers end we are all cricket experts, we are amused by pigeons, chuckle and do our impersonations every time the score reaches ‘222’ – why do we do this? Simply because we are a sporting mad nations and these things are memories we have forged with the game of cricket.

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The time has now come for the Yarrabilba Cane Toads, and you as parents and supporters, to start the process of younger players making their own memories.

We are currently looking for Junior Cane Toads players. We are looking at entering the Post Christmas Logan District Cricket Junior Association competition – with our primary focus being towards the Level 1 Under 11 (for players aged 8,9 and 10 – or female participants up to 2 years in excess) to field in the Non-competitive competition.

The Under 11 side will participate in T20 styled games with a lighter ball, the boundaries are set at 40 metres. To ensure that everyone has a fair go batters get a set amount of balls to face at which they must retire at with each bowler in the side also bowling at least one over.

Players are rotated to ensure that all players experience all positions, while no fielders may be within 15 metres of the batter or each other to help encourage safety and the ability for batters to be able to score singles. Another exciting addition to this non-competitive game is the unlimited dismissals rule meaning each player will face the nominated number of balls no matter how many times they are dismissed – the number of balls depends on the overall number of players on the team to ensure fairness for everyone.

Registrations are still to open however it is expected to come at a cost of $130 per child, and includes their very own Yarrabilba Cane Toads playing shirt and whites.