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Sign On Day!

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    Okay may sound like a crazy idea, however, last year the association were unable to really push ahead with any sign on days – any real fundraisers due to ‘lockdowns’ and restrictions due to the virus.

    Now that things are currently move relaxed, and that the Yarrabilba Cricket Association are trying to provide cricket for all ages, all abilities and as many formats as possible where player demand is there… what if just one big massive sign on day was organised?

    Here me out before you start dismissing. This ‘sign on’ day could cover ALL programs offered by Yarrabilba Cricket, as well as everything else – plus – could act as a fundraiser for the club at the same time.

    For it to be a success it would require heavy backing and promotion AND has to be held in Yarrabilba. Think of the little complex across from Shaw Street Oval where Storage King etc was, if you could get permission for that car park set up canopies, gazebos a bbq and cold drinks, have players and some sort of attraction to get people to come.

    In addition to the BBQ we may get more players for winter cricket + LMS + interest in other formats as well as parents registering their children into junior cricketing formats.

    At that time we could attempt to upsell the Cane Toad Crew – this area with members, message boards, quizzes and anything + everything else the association can come up with.

    Your thoughts?

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