State of Play

It’s taken 18-months, a global pandemic and many set backs but we are now just six (6) days away from what once was just a pipe-dream becoming a reality as the Yarrabilba Cane Toads, a team representing the ever growing area of Yarrabilba, play their first cricket match in the Logan District Cricket Association (LDCA).

With the Yarrabilba Cane Toads 1st Grade side in action on Saturday, followed by the association’s Last Man Stands Beaudesert competition make their debut in the Sunday-based competition the next-day, we here at the Yarrabilba Cricket Association thought we’d give you a quick run down of the State of Play as is stands.

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association;
One question many continue to ask is why we opted to register as the Yarrabilba Cricket Association instead of the usual Yarrabilba Cricket Club like most of the others in the Logan District Cricket Association.

The most simplest of answer is we wanted to make it simple for parents, participants, players, supporters and sponsors. It is easier for everyone involved to know exactly who to contact when you want information. If we had registered as just a cricket club it could be easy for people in the future to create additional cricket groups in Yarrabilba entering teams in competitions and confusing potential parents, players, supporters and sponsors.

By establishing early that we as an association are entering teams into competitions, tournaments etc. as the demand calls for, it ensures that people know the name and would resonate in future years, and will know exactly who to contact to talk anything to do with cricket within Yarrabilba.

Why do our teams participate in the Logan District Cricket Association competition while others participate elsewhere?
Another question that is often asked is why we have chosen to affiliate with the LDCA competition, when some teams enter other competitions. This, we believe, is a question for other teams that do enter teams in the other competitions.

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association cannot speak for other teams, they all no doubt have their reasons. Other competition options were presented to us, however for us being in the state electorate of Logan we saw it the only logical step to become affiliated with its cricket association namesake.

Where is your home ground?
We currently do not have a home ground. There is a home ground in the building plans for the fast growing suburb of Yarrabilba, and there was a large number of better established sporting clubs and community groups vying for the lease to Malling Oval – the home of the former Bethania cricket club.

At this stage we have an active agreement with the Beenleigh Pirates Cricket Club to be able to share Darth Park in Beenleigh for the 2020/2021 season, and a temporary arrangement with Greenbank Cricket Club to use Malling Street Oval nets which we use for training on Wednesday afternoon 3:30-5pm.

Yarrabilba Cane Toads – the Teams
The Yarrabilba Cricket Association have three-senior teams known as the Yarrabilba Cane Toads.
A division one side has been entered into the Logan District Cricket Association, these are players who came as a playing group from another club who have previously played first grade cricket at this level. Captain Nick Feros has pledged that there are first grade positions available for those performing well in the Cane Toads Division 2 side.

A division two side has also been entered into the Logan District Cricket Association, and will be playing on a mixture of turf and synthetic wicket throughout the season. The team, filled with single player registrations, will meet for the first time on Wednesday 7th October at the first training session that has been able to be organised due to the hunt for facilities.

There remains a position or two available for either part time or full time players.

On Sunday the 11th our Cane Toads LMS team take to the field for the very first time, most never having played the game before. This team, completely sponsored by Alan Kuss from All Properties Group, is established for more social cricketers or those unable to play throughout the regular Saturday season.

For this LMS side we have a position available.

A red-yellow based uniform was selected for the Yarrabilba Cane Toads in the Last Man Stands competition. While a basic white with maroon and sponsors was selected for our Senior Cricket sides. The strategy behind this was to look around at what fellow cricket sides were wearing in the competitions that we are entered into.

During the off season we will be back in contact with our designers to come up with something to submit for approval to all necessary Executive Committee’s, that would enable ALL of our junior, senior and LMS teams to step out next season with close to matching uniforms.


This year we all know that this year, 2020 has been hard on absolutely everyone. Many businesses have closed up shop for good – and I had to be one of those people who had to reach out to business owners still battling with the economic effects of the pandemic to try and ask for sponsorship – it wasn’t a great feeling – but we are extremely thankful to all of our wonderful sponsors.

Absolute Physio & Rehab Yarrabilba
McDonalds Yarrabilba | Bendigo Bank Logan Village & Jimboomba
Alan Kuss from All Properties Group
Domestic Bliss Carpet Cleaning
Yarrabilba Bulletin
Minuteman Press Slacks Creek
GenY Enterprises Australia
Fail Me Not Tutoring
Techno Solar
Affordable Electrical Solutions

Memorial Award Announcement
It is with deep sadness, however with high hopes, that the Yarrabilba Cricket Association announce the first memorial award to be established in our extremely short existence.

In what should’ve been an exciting week after 18 months of hard work, headaches, late nights of long talks – the Yarrabilba Cricket Association President and Secretary unfortunately learned that they had suffered a late-pregnancy miscarriage, the secretary giving birth at home on Wednesday.

The pair have decided to donate annually to the cricket association to cover the costs of trophy and engraving fees for an annual award named after their lost child Jessie Lainee Meynell.

The Jessie Lainee Meynell Kindred Spirit award is a junior award that will be presented annually to a player who shows spirt, excitement, and passion for the game of cricket. The junior participant may not be the most technically gifted, the best on game day but is the one that is excited every training and game day, the one that jumps out of the car with their kit bag with a smile on their face and shows a pure passion for the game.

Parents, umpires, volunteers and opposition team managers are encouraged to nominate a child they think exemplifies these traits.