While the global health pandemic the Novel Coronavirus has caused havoc worldwide, forcing closures of entire countries, and millions of global citizens into self isolation or forced quarantine. Sport here in Australia was also shut down in an attempt to flatten the curve, while what was seen as drastic at the time has so far paid dividends for those of us north of the borders.

Unfortunately a down turn of the way these things worked saw the remainder of the Cricket Blast program that was in operation be cancelled on the advice of Queensland Health Officials. Sporting codes based in winter have been hit harder, up until recently being unable to hold any sort of season with many clubs with long histories in financial trouble or struggling to find players to enter sides into competitions.

Somewhat fortunately for the Yarrabilba Cricket Association is that cricket is primarily a summer sporting code, yep, we are the crazy ones out there in the sweltering hot weather chasing a ball of leather around a rock hard outfield. But in this instance it has allowed those working on bringing the game of cricket to Yarrabilba to recharge their energy, refocus their attention and work on a new plan that will bring men, women and children into our programs.

“Yarrabilba Cricket is back, and is better than ever.” President Brendon McCoy said.

“It is great that winter sports are back at it, we have tried to keep quiet, tried to give them their time to get players and their competitions up and going because they, like everyone around the country, have been through hell and like small businesses its the small sporting associations, the local ones that also need peoples support,” McCoy said in relation to the impact the Coronavirus has had on the local sporting community.

“That’s why when the government lifted most of the restrictions we remained quiet just to give these guys their time. To try and help them survive and ensure they are around our local area for years to come. But at the same time we have to focus on bringing the fantastic game of cricket to the area, especially to the juniors.”

To announce they are back with style the Yarrabilba Cricket Association has opened up Expressions of Interests for ALL areas and age groups including junior, senior, womens and Last Man Stands cricket. In order to obtain an idea of numbers and the programs the community need to see in the Yarrabilba region it is asked that any interested parent, carer, guardian, player or partner register their interest.


It comes as the Association also launches what they dub ‘The Pavilion Forums’. A message board hosted the associations very own website, set up to help parents meet other parents of junior players, senior players to organise car pooling or training sessions, and a place that will eventually hold all of the clubs policies, and guidelines.

“There have been some that don’t see the need for it when, as they say, we ‘have a Facebook page’. We try to make it well known that we are a community orientated and driven club, we want our association to be one the local community just adore and get out and support when the time comes,” McCoy said on the launch of the Forums.

“But it is a community club, and not every member of the community has access to Facebook. Just as they don’t have access to Twitter and Instagram and therefore we cannot rely on just one Social Media platform when there are new competitors being released all the time. For the sake of trying to have everyone connected by have a messaging system on our website it would allow more people to connect together.”

The Pavilion Forums is completely free to join and is a great hub for the real cricket tragic, armchair critics and keyboard coaches.