Zinging to the future

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association continue to keep one eye on the future, as the regions newest club continues to develop its plans to engage players and the local community to support the growing Yarrabilba Cane Toads club.

Globally we have seen the use of electronic flashing wicket system – more commonly known as Zing Wickets – used in competitions from the ICC Cricket World Cup to the Caribbean Premier League, closer to home they are a common feature in the KFC Big Bash League.

Cricket fans young and old tune into the big screens at the ground, or when watching the broadcast from the comfort of their lounge at home, their eyes trained to watch the batters bat or foot on the line and waiting for that spec of light when the bails are dislodged from the Zing wickets to determine a batters fate.

It is the excitement that an electronic wicket system such as the Zing Wickets brings to a game of cricket that the Yarrabilba Cricket Association have it in their future plans to obtain a set for the club if the appropriate sponsorship can be found.

Having their own set, at some point in the future, the Yarrabilba Cricket Association are hopeful it would encourage players of all ages to take up playing for the Yarrabilba Cane Toads through junior, senior, women’s and winter cricket formats for the excitement and experience of playing with a unique cricketing feature which has quickly cemented its position on the global cricketing stage.

Once the Yarrabilba Cricket Association has the Zing Wickets as part of their arsenal the wickets will be used for special club events including fundraising and night matches, as well as used for all other formats at periodic intervals to ensure all players of the club get to experience the wickets.

At such a point in the future when the Yarrabilba Cricket Association have a home ground it is envisioned that the local community, even in general would be interested in seeing a night match or afternoon match in which the zing wickets are in use with the system as bright as the TV system, with more LED lighting flashing 360 degrees emitting over 1250 lumens of light. The robust system can withstand 160km/h deliveries without damage.

Benefits to the Yarrabilba Cricket Association by using the Zing Wicket System includes:

  • Increase the entertainment and motivation of players;
  • Make matches look like those on TV;
  • Enable square-leg umpires to get twice as many close decisions correct – as was found to be the case from Zing’s testing of Zing Wickets v Wooden Wickets;
  • Attract new players to our club;
  • Entertain and attract spectators.

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association have been establishing itself to play a very important part in the lives of our members, their families and the wider community.

To date the club has run three successful junior cricket programs, and currently features two senior teams – one in the Logan District Cricket Association competition and one in the Last Man Stands – Beaudesert competition, with a plan to introduce club junior cricket and women’s cricket this upcoming calendar year.

We are a proud Level 3 Accredited Good Sports Club, have adopted many policies to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved in our club made available through the Play By The Rules initiative, and to help make the game more affordable for junior participants we are also registered with the Queensland Government’s FairPlay activity program.

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association also believe in playing our part to raise money for causes that affect those across our community including the McGrath Foundation and the Black Dog Institute.

Considering the above the Yarrabilba Cricket Association upon the successful hunt for a Zing Wicket Sponsor will be securing a set of the Zing Wickets from an official supplier for the players and the local community of Yarrabilba to enjoy – being one of only a limited few across the country to have the system available.

Although the Zing Wickets will not be used each and every week, primarily broken out for special events at different levels, the association does believe that the sponsor who snatches the sponsorship opportunity of $800 for the entire 2021 year or $1500 for 3-years (21,22,and 23) up front, will get a good return on their investment.

The business would be known at our club and in our community as the people that delivered this innovation and source of joy to our club. With the business logo appearing on the Zing stumps for the duration of their sponsorship period with the stumps referred to and known as the ‘Sponsor Zings’ in articles and discussions.

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association remain committed to introducing and enhancing the game of cricket to Yarrabilba and it’s immediate surrounds, whether by way of player engagement or giving the local members something different to do on their days off – such as come and watch the Yarrabilba Cane Toads in action.

While the introduction of the Zing Wickets may be a while off to our local arsenal it was seen as important to showcase the forward thinking of the club and our efforts to try and stay up to date with what players and the fans want.