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Zing debut a success

It was a gamble. Something the Yarrabilba Cricket Association wanted to do, wanted to try. It was decided to give it a go. As the ‘youngings’-say YOLO – You Only Live Once. And there the decision was made… The Yarrabilba Cricket Association would invest in a set of professional Zing wickets.

Purely because of the Toyota Australia and Channel 7 combined promotion ‘Bash for Cash’ in which the Yarrabilba Cricket Association were one of forty lucky clubs selected who would receive a game each during Season 10 of the KFC Big Bash League where $500 from each six struck would be donated to one of those clubs.

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association were delightfully given the Big Bash League Match between the Sydney Sixers and the Brisbane Heat at Metricon Stadium. Despite the threat of weather across the region, a snap virus related lockdown and a relatively low scoring affair thanks to the efforts from the players of both teams the Yarrabilba Cricket Association won $4500.

It was at that moment the decision was made to go ahead with the gamble. Purchase a set of the Zing wickets for use at local level, bring some of the glitz and glamour of the Big Bash League to local cricket – give something for teammates, parents, children to get excited about when forced to tag along on a Saturday or Sunday to watch cricket.

The Zing wickets which are produced by the same company that supply for the Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League and other governing bodies around the cricketing world including Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa, the England Cricket Board and most notably the International Cricket Council themselves were ordered and after an exciting ten-day wait with the approval from the Logan Village Cricket Club and umpire Steve Stimpson the Zing stumps were used for the first time in the Round 21 clash at Newstead Park.

While the Yarrabilba Cane Toads went on to lose the match throughout the day comments regarding the stumps as spectators, including partners and children, noticed the stumps flashed when broken.

“They look alright don’t they?” were amongst the common phrases heard throughout the afternoon.

“Mum look the stumps are flashing!” and “Mum why do they have lights on them?” (sorry Mum’s) was another common theme throughout the match.

Despite some having doubts prior to the match that the stumps would be strong enough – even jokingly claiming “won’t be long until they’re smashed” – due to the technology involved and the durability of the stumps themselves which has been tested at International level to withstand multiple impacts at over 160kmph it easily handled the ‘heat’ both teams gave it.

The stumps which are planned to only be used at special events, fundraisers, and utilised across all levels at the club, were easily the biggest hit from the Cane Toads for the day and will no doubt continue to play and exciting role for those both on and off the field at our matches in the future.

*For the record the Stumps do come with a three-year warranty which includes updates to the technology and if by some miracle a player managed to find a weak spot parts are immediately dispatched and the Stumps will be ready to use the following week.

“As an association we are obviously hopeful this gamble pays off. It has been a hit so far but it is only one game, a decent crowd of up to 20 or so, and in the afternoon. The true test will come as we continue to get more people at the games and use it in all conditions including under lights.” Yarrabilba Cricket Association President Brendon McCoy said of the Zing Stumps.

“We truly hope they continue to prove a success and is something that also attracts the sponsors. They aren’t used all the time, and we want to make it a true feature of use throughout our association and for the important events meaning that when they are brought out they are the centre of attention,”

“They [the Zing Stumps] are definitely part of an ambitious, visionary sponsorship proposal we are looking to offer ahead of the upcoming Winter and next Summer. The more sponsors get involved, the more we can do things in general different to not only other cricket clubs but different sporting codes in general while keeping costs for our players and participants down it will only continue to benefit cricket not only in Yarrabilba but around Logan as a whole.”

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