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Cane Toads to nominate for 20/21 LDCA Season

Encourged by the response to their online Expression of Interest form the Yarrabilba Cricket Association are excited to be heading to Monday nights Annual General Meeting of the Logan District Cricket Association (LDCA) with an intention to formally be affiliated with the regions club cricket set up, with numbers that suggest the club would be entering at least two teams into senior competition.

As Expressions of Interest continue to filter through the Yarrabilba Cricket Association believe that taking into account the people who fill out the form and take it no further that from the 31-Expressions of Interest for senior cricket throughout the 2020/2021 cricket season, and with heavy promotion over the coming month, that the association will be in a position to enter at least two sides into the competition – one side already guaranteed coming as a team from a rival club looking for opportunities, and the chance to help the Cane Toads launch and build on their legacies.

“This ultimately means we have one definite team, and out of the 31-Expressions of Interest we have received we require just twelve of them to go through the registration process to have a second team representing the Cane Toads in the local competition,” YCA President Brendon McCoy said.

At present the Yarrabilba Cane Toads are working with suppliers to create a unique ‘foundation’ team shirt for all Junior and Senior Cane Toads to wear when taking the field for what would be the Yarrabilba Cricket Associations’ inauaugral season.

From primary discussions it can be said that the senior cricket competition in the Logan District Cricket Association for the 2020/2021 is in the midst of a new senior cricket coordinator, and the future of the game within the Logan region is at the forefront of the mind – meaning long standing competitions and formats could be altered or removed from the cricket season all together.

The Yarrabilba Cricket Association has been led to believe that this season will predominantly feature One Day matches, with the eventual phase out of two day cricket, the senior cricket coordinators taking into account that over the years peoples time to play, and the need to juggle work and family has seen a drastic reduction in participation – therefore the focus on One Day format cricket will allow people who are only available every second or third week will still be able to take up the game and be part of the inaugural Cane Toads side.

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