Cane Toads CRASH the Big Bash

The tenth edition of the KFC Big Bash has already been big, its been different with new rules included into the format and the introduction of the Bash Point at the ten over stage – a move that looks as though it will have huge rammifications on the make up of this years finals.

As the global pandemic ran rapid across the world it was difficult as a club to be established. Businesses across Queensland were closing left, right and centre – we needed sponsors but we also knew we had to lay the foundations for potential long lasting relationships with our sponsors and links to our local community.

So we lowered all of our sponsorship prices to do our part to showcase Yarrabilba, and immediate surrounding, businesses across the Logan region. Operating all season on a minimal budget as a result, but a hit we were willing to take as the association played our part for the local community.

The unfortunate demise of our originally planned 2nd Division squad came at an embarrassing cost to the Yarrabilba Cane Toads – both financially in the outlay for uniforms and a team playing kit – but on an embarrassing cricketing community level. Adding to the woes included the enforced stay-at-home restrictions at the hopeful peak of the pandemic resulting in no club fundraisers or official sign on days.

But… we did it. Because we believed it was the right thing to do. We are a community orientated and community driven club, here to support the community in their time of need, here to promote the community in the best possible light, and hopeful that when the time came in the future that the community will support us as we increase our efforts to bring the great game of cricket to the Yarrabilba region.

In exciting news today the Yarrabilba Cane Toads can reveal that the karma-gods have looked out for the regions newest team a phone call confirming that the Yarrabilba Cricket Association – the home of the Yarrabilba Cane Toads has been selected as a club for the Toyota Bash for Cash promotion.

The Bash for Cash promotion see’s Toyota and free-to-air commercial broadcaster Channel 7 donate $500 for every six in matches across the Big Bash League season to one lucky club each match. A minimum of $2500 will be donated to the club with a maximum of $10 000.

In the Big Bash League match on the 10th January from Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast, the Sydney Sixers take on the Brisbane Heat – a match full of potential and more importantly for the Yarrabilba Cricket Association a match in which has been allocated to the Yarrabilba Cricket Association.

Meaning from the match already the Yarrabilba Cane Toads will earn $2500 and for every six hit $500 will be added to that total with a maximum of $10 000.

Make sure you tune in to the coverage on Channel 7 and cheer on both teams – after all a high scoring match is perfect for the Cane Toads!

If you’d also like to assist the Yarrabilba Cane Toads improve our training equipment and help lower the overall costs of participation please consider buying tickets into our Toyota Good for Cricket Raffle – there are a number of fantastic prizes on offer including the top prize of a 2019 Toyota RAV4 2WD Hybrid GX 2.5L 5D Wagon with a RRP of $40 600.

Tickets into the raffle are $5 each where upon the drawing of the raffle, as detailed on the Toyota Good for Cricket website, all money raised by the Yarrabilba Cricket Association through the sale of raffle tickets comes straight to the club. This would allow us to easily invest in the training equipment all of our players require to enhance their skills to the best of their availability.