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Association boosted by position appointments

Starting anything new is daunting. Putting yourself out there as you attempt to represent your growing area, while taking a traditional Aussie favourite along for the ride – enough to give you nightmares as if you have just finished Stephen Kings’ latest offering. Add to it a global pandemic, forced self isolation periods, temperatures, snap closures and you have yourself the first year of operation for the Yarrabilba Cricket Association.

Operating on minimal requirements to appease governance laws to become a not-for-profit associated incorporation, and going through months at a time of not knowing if we were even going to get onto the field in 2020 yet alone be able to get any sort of roll on once plans to promote and encourage the participation in cricket were obviously out the window – yet at the same time being conscious of the time frames required to order and receive playing outfits.

Which is why as the Yarrabilba Cane Toads playing commitments begin to wind down at the completion of the first season it is of a tremendous boost to the Yarrabilba Cricket Association that players who have taken parts within the club this year have expressed an interest in stepping up their input to the club.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that the Yarrabilba Cricket Association announce the creation and appointment of positions within our establishment that will go a long way to ensuring the successful future of the club in the region.

In accordance with the constitution co-ordinator roles can be created and filled by the Executive Committee, with any office roles required to be taken to a membership vote and therefore will be interim roles until they can be rectified at a future meeting with our members.

Leigh Reading – Junior Cricket Co-Ordinator
Leigh Reading and his wife Mandy in recent years have made the move to Yarrabilba with the view of calling it their permanent home. Leigh first began participating in the Cane Toads LMS side and immediately brought into the vision of the future for the Yarrabilba Cricket Association.

After showing interest Leigh was appointed to the new position of Junior Cricket Co-Ordinator and will now head up our junior cricket efforts in and around our local area to ensure that this great game of cricket will continue to grow as our area does.

A number of senior players from both the Yarrabilba Cane Toads Division One and Last Man Stands sides have also expressed an interest to assist Leigh with training, and or coaching requirements to help ensure that all of our junior players have the ability to reach their full potential.

Callum Whiting – Last Man Stands Co-Ordinator
Our Last Man Stands skipper, who recently guided the Yarrabilba Cane Toads to the Div 3 Plate in the local LMS Beaudesert competition, was offered and has accepted the role of LMS Co-Ordinator.

This will include Callum heavily promoting the Cane Toads LMS establishment, help decide what competitions and grades our LMS sides compete in as well as what other tournaments our teams may be ready to participate in.

Nick Feros – Senior Cricket Co-Ordinator
Nick Feros was the former skipper of The Outlaws – guns for hire, as he and his band of self described misfits continued to hunt for a home to set up base. He is now the skipper of the Yarrabilba Cane Toads Division One side and the new Senior Cricket Co-Ordinator.

Leading by example with wickets galore during his inaugural season with the Cane Toads the aging, but still talented, (and self proclaimed wiser), skipper in his new role will be working on encouraging players to join the Yarrabilba Cane Toads set up with his own vision that fits perfectly with that of the overall Cane Toads vision of where he would like the Cane Toads to be by the time he hangs his boots up for the final time.

Nick will work on deciding the best competitions and grades both our Winter and Summer Yarrabilba Cane Toads senior sides will enter and will help ensure teams have what they require to compete to the best of their abilities.

Simeon Roberts – Acting Vice President of the Yarrabilba Cricket Association
The biggest appointment however was only confirmed on the weekend just passed when Simeon Roberts accepted the role offered to him a number of weeks ago to be the first Vice President of the Yarrabilba Cricket Association.

Roberts was offered the role after coming highly recommended by both the Division One and Last Man Stands (those who met him at the T10 LMS Beaudesert tournament) playing groups, from figures within the local Logan District Cricket Association community who have played both with and against him, and after being recognised by the Yarrabilba Cricket Association’s Executive Committee as someone with a great reputation both on and off the field, someone who has a great cricketing mind, and someone who could help the Association as a whole move forward as we attempt to achieve the lofty heights we have set our sights upon.

Considering he has a young family and other commitments Simeon took his time to consider the opportunity before confirming this weekend that he would accept the role.

Simeon will fill the vacant position as allowed by our constitution before he will be formally nominated and (hopefully) elected into the role at our Annual General Meeting during the off season.

“What this shows is that we are a club who have battled, we have all had each others backs from the start and the vision we started out with has been brought into,” Yarrabilba Cricket Association President Brendon McCoy said of the appointments.

“Many have, and still will look at what we want to achieve and scoff. These appointments, and the fact that most came to the ExCom [Executive Committee] looking for more responsibility within the club shows that there is belief within that we can achieve what we set out to do.”

“The Yarrabilba Cricket Association, and our brand the Yarrabilba Cane Toads, I think are off to a great start and with these new appointments will go a long way. These guys all have visions of what they want to achieve in their roles – and what that does is just puts us in a much stronger position as we move forward.”

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